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Brand Training Portal, Education for the Pros



How to Use This Training Portal

1. Read the articles below in the order listed. Each article will open in a new window when you click on it.

2. Come back to this Table of Contents to see what's next after you read an article. It is best to read them in order.

3. If you get lost, click the link 'Training Portal' in the website footer and it will bring you back to this page.

Enjoy learning all about BEB Organic! We're excited to see you here and thankful for your time.

Let's get started!
  1. Core Values

  2. Mindfulness - See, Smell, Touch, Trust, Know
  3. Best in Class Sustainability

  4. How We Help & Give Back

  5.  Our Advisory Team of Experts - Doctors, Doulas, and more

C - Product Effectiveness & Safety

  1. What Makes BEB Organic Products So Effective

  2. All about our exclusive PHYTOCURA™ Complex

  3. About BEB Organic Ingredients

  4. Full List of Ingredients in Every Product

  5. R&D Standards: 5-Heart Safety System

D - Science of the Senses

  1. Reflections From Our Founder

  2. 10 Reasons We Need Good Touch to Live Well

  3. All About Aroma

  4. Skin to Skin for Preemies Is So Beneficial 

  5. How Tender Touch Helps Premature Babies


E - Product Deep Dive 

  1. Bubbly Wash
  2. Soothing Serum
  3. Silky Cream
  4. Nurturing Oil
  5. Diaper Balm
  6. Baby Bump Sensory Set
  7. Vital Beginnings & Perfectly Preemie Discovery Sets
  8. Soothing & Nurturing Gua Sha Sets
  9. Vital Hydration Set 



F - Treatment Recommendations & Protocols

F1 - Spa Services:

Signature Gua Sha Pregnancy Treatment

F2 - How to Care for Pregnancy Skin with BEB Organic Products:

    1. Facial Care Routine for Parents
    2. Treat Acne During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
    3. Treat Stretch Marks & Itchy Skin
    4. Gua Sha Massage for Pregnancy & Baby

F3 - How to Care for Baby Skin with BEB Organic Products:

    1. Dry, Cracked Skin & Hands
    2. Massage with a Gua Sha Stone
    3. Baby Eczema
    4. Baby Acne
    5. Umbilical Area
    6. Skin Allergies
    7. Diaper Rash
    8. Newborn & Preemie Bathtime Routine
    9. All About the pH of Skin
    10. Mastering Baby Massage
    11. Choosing the Right Massage Oil
    12. Sunscreen & After-Sun Care
    13. Summary of Common Baby Skin Problems & How to Solve Them
    14. Skincare as Healthcare, in 5 Simple Steps



G - Bonus Content

G1 - Details & Studies About Our Favorite Clean & Organic Ingredients

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