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How to Use BEB Products Mindfully - A Quick Guide


From the shimmering lights and carefully chosen colors of BEB Organic packaging to the product textures that are specifically designed to layer and press into skin, BEB Organic products deliver a comprehensively uplifting experience.



Take a moment to gently rock the bottle back and forth in the light, and watch it sparkle. Glistening light is uplifting and proven to calm the mind, like the sunrise. Do this as part of your routine each time you use the products to set your intentions.



Notice the colors on the packaging. Each was chosen using color theory to enhance the performance of the product by engaging whole body healing through our sense of sight.



Inhale deeply and slowly as you open your products, knowing that the pure, clean smell comes from our organic and natural ingredients. The scent is specifically calming and uplifting with allergy testing and no synthetic fragrances or hormone disrupters.



During application, press your products into the skin, slowly layering one over the next without much rubbing. The specific texture of each product compliments the others and works beautifully with the softest caress. Our skin health is optimized when we embrace it with gentle pressure.



Remember that these products are safely used on millions of babies in hospitals under the care of experts, and that over 20 years of research and development went into creating them. Our Phtocura complex provides ample micro and macro nutrients from fresh, superfood ingredients to support healthy skin development and offset damage from modern day irritants like air pollution.



Take comfort in the fact that glass packaging is better for the planet, and that any plastic we use is offset via partnership with RePurpose. We remove twice as much plastic from the environment as we use. Plus 2% of all revenue is donated to support mental health for parents and children. 


Finally, know that with your own vital touch, you are setting your child up for a lifetime of great health in more ways than one. Developed for newborn safety, BEB Organic products provide enhanced skincare performance to amplify the benefits of your touch.

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