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EWG Top Safety Rated

Protecting our environment, your health as an adult, and the vulnerable health of babies and young children is the reason EWG exists. 

Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a consumer protection and education organization that tells us what impact the ingredients in our products have. Their large database lists the many chemicals that are part of everyday life and tells us how safe they are for humans, pets, and our planet.

What the rating means

EWG has a hazard rating system for chemical ingredients in skincare products.

Each ingredient is given a rating from 1-10, with numbers 1-2 being the safest and 7-10 being the most dangerous.

You’ll frequently see a “hazard stamp” from EWG on a product with the rating number inside:

  • #1-2 are in a green bubble stamp
  • #3-6 in an orange bubble
  • #7-10 in a red bubble.

 Which one do you want in your products?

Clearly, for the safety of you and your family you want the safest and best. Look for green EWG bubbles on your products.

 What BEB Organic products contain:

The skin is our biggest organ, our first defense, and our most open entry to good things like moisture and bad things like toxins. What enters through our skin goes into our bloodstream where it can have a positive or negative impact on how our bodies work.

We diligently research and select only the best ingredients for our BEB Organic products so you know you can trust them to nurture everyone’s health from the outside in.

All our ingredients fall into the green EWG rating category. While over 75% of our ingredients are organic, those that are not still fall into the EWG green category.

You never have to fear any ingredient in BEB Organic products because we only use the most luxurious ingredients and simply won’t use anything that can cause harm.

We want our people and planet to be as healthy as possible, and at BEB Organic we’re working hard to make sure we do our part.

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