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BEB Organic 5-Heart Safety System

BEB Organic product formulations are truly different - from how we source our ingredients to our transparent communication. Before any product ever touches your baby’s skin, it must pass through our 5-level safety assurance program, which we lovingly call our

"5-Heart Safety System" 

  1. Partner Carefully

Founded in Los Angeles, we collaborate exclusively with partners who share our core values, paying fair wages, engaging in fair trade, sourcing organic, natural, safe and cruelty-free materials. We don't test products or ingredients on animals, and we don’t ask others to do so. Whether we are getting eco-friendly labels made or sourcing raw materials, we partner first with the people we know, love and trust.

  1. Screen Rigorously 

The majority of ingredients we work with are certified organic. Those that aren’t organic (which is an agricultural designation) are either entirely natural (like purified water or zinc mineral) or derived from non-GMO plant sources (like our extra-gentle Bubbly Wash surfactants). We do more than boasting about the benefits of individual organic ingredients. We analyze all available safety data and engage in our own clinical safety trials as well. Since the US doesn’t sufficiently ban damaging chemicals that are commonly used in personal care products, we formulate to the highest standards worldwide.

  1. Evaluate Clinically

After carefully choosing individual ingredients, we then create a finished formulation - like Diaper Balm or Silky Cream. Before ever becoming available to buy, our products are clinically tested for skin irritation, allergic reaction, and the presence of gluten. Further, we test for efficacy - making sure the products really do what they say they will do. Throughout the entire product development process, we test diligently to make sure our ingredients are safe, work together as a formula and are well-tolerated by baby skin.  

  1. Review Regularly

Especially in the context of rigorous screening and thorough clinical evaluations, there is always more to learn. Safety requires vigilance. As new data becomes available and new solutions for common skin problems become known - from diaper rash to baby acne - we continue to study, test and develop new formulas to support your baby’s health and safety. Our panel of experts - including doctors, nurses, midwives and clinical researchers - regularly monitor new scientific data to help ensure your family’s safety.

  1. Share Transparently

Health and safety are the most important factors when it comes to choosing products for your baby’s skin. To help you make the safest choices, we provide education - both at home and in the clinical setting - as well as share our ingredient details openly for every product. From sourcing to safety ratings, you'll find honest and authentic information on our own site and in EWG’s Skin Deep database.

With BEB Organic, you and your baby are in safe, loving hands. 


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