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Baby Acne Solved At Last!

My little baby wasn’t even sleeping through the night when he started getting the acne I thought wouldn’t appear until puberty. I wondered if it was my diet that was putting irritants into my breast milk, or if my little guy was catching something that would spread and hurt him. But when I did my research, I sighed in relief. Whew, baby acne solved at last!

And then our expert team at BEB Organic set to work to create Healing Gel for soothing and healing this common but troubling problem.

Newborn baby skin is naturally acne-prone.

This acne-prone stage is a little-known, but normal, phase of skin development that affects over 20% of babies in the first 6 weeks of life.  It occurs as your baby’s skin adjusts from the aquatic environment in mom’s belly to the air environment after delivery and to the rush of hormones your baby received from you shortly before birth.

Your baby could have red or white pimples from birth or they could appear after the first few weeks, usually just on the cheeks but sometimes they reach up to her forehead and down to the chin. Though they can irritate and turn a model child into a mottled child, they will disappear with time.

Baby acne is caused by one or a combination of 6 primary triggers on the skin surface:

1) hormonal imbalance

2) pH imbalance

3) vitamin/mineral imbalance

4) protective vs pathogenic bacterial imbalance

5) dehydration (also known as trans-epidermal water loss)

6) excess of a certain yeast called Malassezia

Though it was previously considered either untreatable or not worth treating by doctors, recent scientific advancements and a deeper understanding of skin have resulted in a protocol update by pediatric dermatologists.

Because 80% of people with a skin barrier disruption, like acne or dermatitis, are at risk of a bacterial infection, health professionals primary goal is to gently prevent unnecessary swelling and infection at acne lesion sites.

Skin changes like acne occur in 90% of pregnant women largely due to hormonal, vitamin and mineral imbalances. Pregnancy acne can be difficult to treat for many women beause it is best to avoid harsh chemicals during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Healing Gel is the perfect solution for both moms and babies.

Healing Gel, At Your Service

BEB Organic Healing Gel is an effective, extra-gentle and natural treatment for baby acne and pregnancy acne.

This specialized emulsion for preemies (and any newborn baby) is not just safe, it's effectively formulated with proven organic ingredients to prevent skin problems and quickly heal bothered baby skin.

BEB Organic Healing Gel is FDA registered and specially formulated with approved ingredients to treat the symptoms and the underlying conditions that cause baby acne, helping prevent and quickly heal the condition while giving your baby a dose of health-promoting nutrients.  

Our world-class team of chemists and botanists source raw plant materials from local farms where each ingredient is carefully grown, harvested and processed to maintain the absolute highest, most luxurious organic quality.

Our team gently extracts clinically active compounds to retain maximum healing potential.

The finest rose distillate, rose hip and rose flower petal oils are combined with nutrient-rich organic ingredients such as arnica, yarrow and calendula.

This unique combo creates a robust vitamin-mineral concentrate that enhances the probiotic flora (healthy bacteria) on your baby’s skin.

A Bit About Probiotics

If you haven’t heard the news about probiotics and how much we have, need or want them in our guts…they’re the latest and greatest in healthy digestion, and beyond.

But what’s got some scientists (including us!) excited is the direct link between the microbiome of our guts with our brain, immune system, and skin.

For the past few years, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has promoted probiotics as treatment for acne and rosacea. To help control these skin conditions, AAD suggests managing stress, eating a healthy diet, and increasing healthy gut bacteria (your microbiome).

Your gut microbiome communicates with your skin via the gut-skin axis, which directly influences your appearance…and your baby’s. Science discovered the gut-skin connection helps regulate:

  • oxidative stress that causes inflammation
  • inflammation regulation that causes most disease
  • tissue lipid levels that maintain healthy metabolism
  • glycemic control that balances blood sugar
  • neuropeptide levels that affect mood, pain tolerance, and the body’s homeostasis (balance)
  • pathogenic bacteria control that prevents sickness
  • mood-regulating neurotransmitters (like serotonin) that make you feel happy

Probiotics assist the gut-skin axis by

  • acting as antimicrobials that attack bad bacteria, drilling a hole in and killing them before they can cause inflammation
  • calming irritated skin cells before they can react and cause bumps, redness or swelling

Acne and rosacea are caused by a body’s immune system reacting to microbes on the skin. But AAD found that a dose of probiotics applied to the skin prevents the body from creating that reaction.

All of this matter a lot to your little preemie whose skin is especially vulnerable to any bacteria – good or bad.

We want only good bacteria on baby skin, so to help preemies thrive BEB Organic skincare contains probiotics and nutrients that soothe skin, relieve stress, and increase gut health, from the outside in.

Keeping your preemie’s skin in a peaceful, non-reactive state means they have more energy to grow. Small wonder we love probiotics at BEB Organic!

The more comfort your preemie, or any baby feels, the better she grows.

Product Benefits:

With daily use, BEB Organic Healing Gel helps to naturally prevent the onset and recurrence of baby acne by helping your baby’s skin adjust to an air environment:

  • to clear excess hormones from the skin
  • balance skin pH
  • provide a nutrient rich and plentifully moisturized skin surface for maximum health and recovery

Key benefits:

  • accelerates healing
  • soothes irritation
  • prevents infection
  • diminishes redness
  • reduces inflammation
  • moisturizes without blocking pores

Instructions for Use:

Following the new evidence and treatment options, many MDs and RNs now recommend a healing protocol of applying gel twice a day to prevent baby acne and accelerate recovery for children who get it.  

Our Healing Gel is specially designed for sensitive newborn baby skin and can be combined with any skincare routine.

Try our Mighty Fighter Set for full-on treatment against not only acne but rashes, scars, and germs. Use at least twice per day and even more frequently if desired.  

Adults and teens can also use Healing Gel in combination with other more aggressive acne-care products that are not appropriate for babies.

You can confidently use our pure-health skincare on any skin type, including very dry and very oily skin. Layer over any acne treatment for extra care and calming protection.

For best results and greater skin protection, we have you covered with our entire BEB Organic baby skincare system:

To treat and prevent irritating diaper rash, use BEB Organic Diaper Balm on baby’s clean diaper area after every change. Our We’ve Got This Set gives you every one of our super-healing products in one convenient package.

No matter which BEB Organic products you use, you’re giving your baby and yourself the very best – in skincare, in health, and in environmental responsibility for the earth on which your little one will grow.

And I must add, whenever my own skin feels like it needs some extra gentle TLC, I use a double dose of Healing Gel followed by a nice thick coat of Nourishing Oil at night to wake up to calm, happy skin.  

Your Happiness Guarantee:

If you are unhappy with any BEB Organic product, you may return it for a full refund within 120 days of purchase. We are so confident that you and your baby will be healthy and happy with BEB Organic, we’ll even pay for return shipping. Product may be opened, but mostly unused, to be eligible for return.


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