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BEB Gua Sha Pregnancy Treatment


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BEB Organic Gua Sha Pregnancy Treatment

Our BEB Gua Sha Pregnancy Treatment provides the ultimate support for mothers and mothers-to-be. By restoring balance to your changing body and active mind using our signature heart-shaped rose quartz Gua Sha tool, our expert therapist gently stimulates microcirculation right beneath the skin which effortlessly eliminates collected toxins. This unique treatment relaxes, promotes healthy circulation, relieves nerve pain, improves feelings of anxiety and depression often elicited by hormonal imbalance – all the while improving labour outcomes and newborn health.

Concerns of stretch marks, c-section healing and scarring, painful breast engorgement, nipple soreness and sleeplessness are likewise addressed, making the BEB Gua Sha treatment your perfect go-to for prenatal and post-partum care. 

Nurturing Gua Sha Set $38
Soothing & Nurturing Gua Sha Set $128