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Advisory Team of Experts - Doctors, Doulas, and More

BEB Organic was first created to serve premature and fragile babies in hospitals. This is the community where our work was first born more than 20 years ago. Doctors and nurses wanted an authentically natural brand that could meet the rigorous medical standards of neonatal intensive care units. 

Together with those medical professionals, we developed the BEB Organic products. Many of the largest and most prestigious hospital systems in the US buy exclusively BEB Organic products for the babies in their care, because the doctors and nurses from their systems helped develop the products. 

We continue to work with doctors, nurses, doulas, midwives, and a full spectrum of specialists to ensure the quality and usefulness of our products and content.

To name just a few of the remarkable people who helped bring BEB Organic to life and keep our information based in evidence, our Advisors include:

Dr. Alison Mitznerboard-certified pediatrician, author, family wellness and fitness expert, Sr. Director at a major pharmaceutical company, and passionate supporter of moms feeling calm, confident, and healthy.

Dr. Anna Zimmermann: founder of Mighty Littles, Dr. Zimmerman is a neonatologist specializing in the treatment of premature and sick newborn infants. She has been practicing for over 10 years as an advocate for both babies and their families. She has been a featured speaker for coorporations and non-profits, and has been featured on local news programs advocating for infant health.

Dr. Media Esser PhD, NNP-BC, APNP, CWN: As a specialist in Neonatology, Media is a nurse scientist and neonatal nurse practitioner in practice in a high level NICU. Her research focus is on diaper dermatitis among the NICU population. She's also the Neonatal NP Program Director at Alverno College.

Kara Ann Waitzman OTR/L, NTMTC: In practice for 28 years, she served on the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) Continuum of Care Advisory Board and currently serves on the March of Dimes Program Services board and the National Association of Neonatal Therapists Professional Collaborative. She is founder of the Neonatal Touch & Massage Certification, and Co-founder of Infant-Driven Feeding. 

In partnership with DandleLion Medical, we offer free training to health professionals as well as in-hospital support and access to specialized skincare.

Working with over 300 hospitals in the US and Canada, we’ve already served over a million babies, and are determined to continue to spread the healing power of touch to so many more.

We support the medical community and patients in every way  we can, which includes helping through our charity initiatives. BEB Organic provides free resources directly to families—educational eBooks, apps, and podcasts. We also make meaningful product and cash donations to support the efforts of our nonprofit partners, 2020 Mom and Hand-to-Hold.

2020 Mom works in California to drive institutional change in support of maternal mental health. Their policies and protocols are inspiring similar changes nationwide. Hand-to-Hold works in Texas to help families with a baby in the NICU—or who have lost an infant—by providing resources and one-on-one mentoring from someone who’s been there.

Both 2020 Mom and Hand-to-Hold are beacons of light and hope, leading the way for systematic changes nationwide. We are honored to support them and proud to help our customers support them by being part of our community. Together with our customers, we help give families a better opportunity to thrive.


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