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The Perfect Gifts for Preemie Babies: Thoughtful, Safe, and Supportive Choices

Understanding the Needs of a Preemie

Preterm infants often have a set of needs distinct from full-term babies. Born before the 37th week of pregnancy, these tiny warriors might have had a challenging start in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The ideal gift for a premature baby considers the delicate nature of their skin, their slower developmental pace, and the emotional journey their parents undergo.

Prioritize gifts that emphasize the baby's health and comfort. From birth, touch plays a pivotal role in communication and comfort, and this is amplified for premature babies. The simple act of touch signals safety and belonging. It's more than a physical act; it's a conduit for bonding, development, and emotional well-being. Beyond the physical benefits, touch enhances mental and emotional health, promoting a sense of safety, reducing anxiety, and bolstering the immune system.




The NICU journey is filled with both challenges and milestones. During this delicate time, the best gifts are those that enhance the baby's comfort and well-being within the hospital setting. Items that can beused immediately are often the most valued.

Before bringing gifts to the NICU, always check with the hospital's policy and consult the parents. Space can be limited, and some items might not bepermitted for health reasons.



Skincare products allow parents to actively participate in their baby's care and bonding process. Opt for products that are organic, hypoallergenic, free of synthetic fragrances, and free of harmful chemicals. BEB Organic's skincare range is hospital-approved and specifically designed for preemie babies.



It's a gift that truly makes those initial, crucial days a touch brighter. Every tiny milestone reached in theNICU is a huge triumph, and should be celebrated. Parents can position these milestone cards next to their baby, or attach it to their isolette for a quick picture that can be added to their baby journal.



Soft against their sensitive skin, blankets help in reducing overstimulation from hospital lights and sounds, and assist in maintaining the baby's body temperature. Consider scent-retaining blankets that can comfort the baby by carrying the parents' scent.



Once the NICU chapter closes and the baby is ready to go home, the journey of growth continues. Now, the focus shifts to gifts that aid in establishing routines and nurturing the baby in their new environment.


A thoughtful gift set to celebrate when a preemie baby is finally ready to go home. Check out BEB Organic’s Welcome Home Gift which includes their preemie safe skincare range for home care, a soft blanket, preemie onsies, and a gua sha for at-home baby massage, all to help aid in the baby's growth journey outside the NICU.


Most NICUs have restrictions on outside clothing for medical and sterility reasons. Instead, consider gifting preemie clothes for when the baby is ready to head home.Specifically sized for preemies, these clothes are soft, breathable, and perfect for a baby adjusting to life outside the NICU.


The gift of essential items can be a true lifesaver. Because sometimes, the most practical gifts make the biggest difference. Pair the diapers with BEB Organic’s Diaper Balm.Specially made for preemie skin, this balm addresses the common challenges of diaper rashes, while also helping heal bumps and damaged skin from bandage adhesive.



Being a preemie parent is both a journey of immense love and, at times, incredible challenge. Gifts that acknowledge this journey, offering comfort and understanding, are always cherished. While intentions are always appreciated, it's best to consult the parents first. They might be overwhelmed immediately after birth, so sometimes waiting can be more considerate.


Research shows that gua sha can help with key postnatal challenges. By gently stimulating microcirculation right beneath the skin it can help with stretch marks, c-sections scars, engorged breasts, muscle aches, sleep concerns, and more. BEB Organic’s Soothing & Nurturing Gua Sha Set pairs arose quartz gua sha with a how-to guide, and a massage oil that is loaded with nurturing and calming properties for the perfect self-care treat.


Gifting organic, meal delivery programs, or home-cooked meals can be a lifeline for parents who spend long hours at the NICU. The first few weeks at home can be exhausting. Providing them with nutritious meals helps reduce one more stressor from their day.


Documenting the NICU journey can be therapeutic. A beautiful journal to document their baby's progress helps parents cope with the setbacks and celebrate the milestones along the way.



When considering preemie baby gift ideas, skincare products belong high on the list. The process of applying gentle skincare, like the BEB Organic range, isn't just about nurturing the skin; it's an intimate ritual of bonding. This is where the science of BEB Organic comes in. The skin of premature babies is thinner and more permeable than that of full-term babies, making it susceptible to irritations. Rooted in 20 years of research, we crafted all of our skincare products specifically for the skin of preemies. Given the vital role skin plays in overall immune function, using BEB’s organic skincare products not only caters to the baby's immediate skin needs but also play a role in enhancing their overall health and immunity. Making them one of the best gifts for a preemie baby


Bubbly Wash | An essential for every preemie's gentle bath time routine. Formulated with organic ingredients, this wash ensures that while the baby's delicate skin is cleaned, it's also nurtured and moisturized.

Nurturing Oil | This antioxidant-rich blend is perfect for tender touch or a soothing massage.For preemie parents, who often cherish every tactile moment with their baby, this oil enhances the sensory bonding experience.

Diaper Balm | Diaper rashes can be more frequent with preemie babies. This balm addresses the challenges of diaper rashes for tender skin, while also helping with bumps and damaged skin from bandage adhesive and IV skin punctures.

Silky Cream | Beyond moisturizing, this cream nourishes the baby’s skin, ensuring it receives all the essential nutrients for optimal health, especially as they adapt to their new surroundings at home.

Soothing Serum | Formulated to support the skin's microbiome, this serum is invaluable for special care situations, like umbilical cord care, irritated skin, and baby acne.Offering targeted relief, it's a comforting ally in a preemie's skincare regimen.



Choosing the perfect gift for preemie babies and their parents is not just about picking a pretty present, but selecting something that genuinely benefits the little one's growth and well-being. BEB Organic products stand out as a stellar choice in this regard. Already trusted and used in hospitals for these fragile newborns, they are a testament to safety and care that goes beyond the norm. These products not only promote healthy development but also ensure that the baby's delicate skin gets the gentlest care it deserves. Moreover, BEB Organic isn't just about the baby; it’s about the joy and relief it brings to the parents, knowing they're using products that medical professionals trust. When you gift BEB Organic, you're not just offering a product; you're bestowing love, thoughtfulness, and the highest standard of care.

If you have a favorite preemie gift, let us know @beborganic. Every suggestion helps in making the preemie journey a little brighter.

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