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Dry Winter Hands? Cracked Skin Solution!

The only thing worse for hands than feeling dry and cracked in the winter is dry, cracked hands that we need to over-wash and over-sanitize to protect from larger threats, like the Corona Virus. The down-side of extremely clean hands can be pain, inflammation, redness, and risk of infection. 

We need to overcome 4 key challenges to solve this problem. Let’s address those head-on, and also go through 3 simple steps to protect your skin, especially our hands, during these challenging winter months.

Problems caused by excessive washing

  1. Altering the pH balance of skin (water has a natural pH but healthy skin has an acidic pH; when the pH of skin is off, it is more likely to become inflamed, infected and heal more slowly) 

  1. Microbiome destruction (creates an imbalance between helpful and harmful bacteria on the skin surface, allowing pathogenic bacteria to gain a foothold, increasing chance of infection)

  1. Skin barrier breakdown (leads to cracks, inflammation and increases risk of additional skin problems like contact dermatitis or eczema)

  1. Nutrient depletion (skin is working hard to heal and recover, which requires fuel in the form of nutrients; those nutrient building-blocks become depleted and are not always available in the quantities needed to support rapid healing)

Solutions to prevent problems that come from excessive hand washing

  1. If possible, don’t use soap or antibiotic hand cleansers. Instead, get the Family Size portion of BEB Organic Bubbly Wash and keep it by every sink. Bubbly Wash is a soap-free, pH balanced cleanser with ample surfactants to eliminate assailants from the skin surface while it softens and refreshes. Bubbly Wash is specifically designed to moisturize while it cleanses, with purifying madienhair, softening marigold and soothing coconut oils. This cleanser is designed for the most sensitive skin - be that on your face, your hands, or both.

  1. Restore skin pH to healthy levels immediately after washing with the BEB Organic Soothing Serum. Specifically designed to balance and clear, Soothing Serum will rebalance pH after every cleanse, plus replenish probiotics, reduce redness with cypress, replenish with precious rose hip oil and improve the look and feel of skin with healing myrrh and elderberry.        

  1. To support the skin barrier, follow Soothing Serum with Nurturing Oil to calm and smooth. Deeply moisturizing coconut, paired with smoothing sunflower and active levels of our oh-so-powerful cranberry oil will lock in the benefits of Soothing Serum plus act as an additional nurturing barrier from which the skin cells can draw their nutrient building blocks to heal cracks and surface wounds. 

BEB Organic uses the medicinal power of ancient plant remedies, combined with modern scientific methods, to treat even the most sensitive skin. Originally formulated for premature infants and still used by hospital NICUs and birth centers today, there is nothing more powerfully soothing than the tried-and-true skincare formulas of BEB Organic. We make our products with artisanal ingredients sourced from the highest potency plants around the world, then carefully blend those into luxuriously healthy skincare formulas. Voila! Skincare with a vital touch. 


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