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Candelilla — A Gift For Your Baby's Bottom

Why would you ever want to rub wax on your little preemie’s skin? When it’s a main ingredient (like in our BEB Organic Diaper Balm) to ensure that their delicate skin stays hydrated and healthy.

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Candelilla wax comes from a common shrub—Candelilla—of southern Texas and Mexico. When the plant is boiled, wax rises to the top and is siphoned off. Science categorizes candelilla wax as an “organogelator” because it comes from an organic source and acts as a thickener.

And that’s just what we love about it.

Candelilla’s organogelatinous (don’t you love that word?) protection is why Diaper Balm is so effective at keeping moisture off your baby’s bottom. Or reducing itchy, painful diaper rash that can get infected and lead to more problems.

Helping your preemie be comfortable, hydrated, and strong is why we use candelilla wax – to apply dose of health and protection with every stroke of your loving hands.





candelilla candelilla wax Diaper Balm diaper rash

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