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Can You Bathe Your Baby Too Much?

Babies are better off clean. Or are they? At BEB Organic we say, don’t wash the baby, especially your wee preemie, unless he just crawled through a mud puddle.  

As with most things in life, keeping your baby healthy is a matter of finding balance.

When you over-clean your baby’s skin to protect him from germs, you may actually be depriving him of the opportunity to build a strong immune system. The natural oils of your preemie’s skin are his best protection against those germs. 

Research suggests that some exposure to germs may offer children greater protection[1] from illnesses later on in life.

Your preemie’s still-developing immune system needs practice fighting off intruders so that later in life that strong immune system doesn’t view harmless stuff like dust or pollen as dangerous invaders, and lead to allergies or even asthma. 

Over-washing your baby’s delicate skin can also put him at risk for dry skin, which can compromise his overall immune system.

For preemies, this is extra-important. Remember, his skin is not only his largest organ, it is his first line of defense against the environment. 

Your little one only needs to be bathed once or twice per week. If more frequent baths are just too much fun to pass up, try to keep them short. 

Choose quick-rinsing cleansers like BEB Organic Bubbly Wash that give an all over gentle wash, without the use of potentially risky ingredients. Then follow up with our Silky Cream or Nourishing Oil to hydrate his skin while adding nutrients that help him grow strong. 

BEB Organic skincare products are your baby’s super hero for healthy, vibrant skin.



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