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We're So Impressed By Cypress

Along with helping conserve the soil in which they grow, cypress trees contain a litany of healthful components that work against inflammation, guard against cancer[1],and can help with muscle pain[2].

We applaud cypress for that important work, but we include Mediterranean Cypress in our Soothing Serum (formerly named Healing Gel) because it fights the microbes that create infections—and infections can leave scars.

Cypress’ antimicrobial effects[3] promote rash and wound healing while helping reduce scars and blemishes on your baby’s tender skin.

And cypress stimulates circulation[4]. Good circulation brings fresh oxygen to cells and removes toxins, helping cells stay healthy and function well.

Babies are born with about 26,000,000,000 (yeah, that’s twenty-six billion) cells, most of which divide as your baby grows.

For your little baby, The Cell Maker In Chief, anything that keeps those brand new cells strong and working at their peak is a prime way to promote health and growth.

Wound healing, antimicrobial effects, anti-inflammation action, anti-cancer protection, pain reduction, and skin rejuvenation—that’s why we just had to include organic cypress tincture in our BEB Organic Soothing Serum








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