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Protect Your Preemie's Skin

If you’re watching your baby grow day by day inside the NICU incubator with needles, tubes, and tapes dotted around his tiny body, one of the more healing things you can do is to nurture his spirit and his largest organ—his skin. Skincare products made with pure, nutritive ingredients provide a healing foundation for preserving your preemie’s skin and supporting his growth.

The skin is our first defense against what the world throws at us. It protects us against microbes, chemicals, and UV rays, tells us about the world around us, and regulates our body temperature.

 But newborn skin is much thinner than adult skin and will take another year to fully mature.

Consequently, it is highly permeable to anything you put on it. Preemie skin is even more so, leaving them at greater risk for toxicity and chemical challenges.

Delicate preemie skin—even when it’s so premature it’s nearly paper-thin—can carry with it the history of needle pricks, IVs, and the scars they leave. These small scars can grow as your baby grows. 

If your little one is very premature, you may have to wait until his skin has developed enough that he’s able to be touched. Once he has grown enough, safe, organic lotions, gels, and creams - made without synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals - add hydration, help balance his skin to its healthiest pH (which should be slightly acidic at about 5.5), and enhance its protective barrier—all while you soothe him with your touch, your words, and your scent.

Skincare Know-How

Impaired skin—rashy, raw, red, sores or blisters—is not only uncomfortable, it exposes your baby to infection that can affect her health. To help her new skin grow best, skincare products need to be gentle and health promoting.

But commercial products—even when they’re labeled “natural” or “for baby”—are composed of chemicals for scent, stability, color, fluidity, absorption, and other properties. Each of those chemicals can find easy access through new and porous skin to a newborn’s endocrine, digestive, or respiratory system. And every chemical can potentially cause a host of issues—some visible and some invisible—in tiny babies.

Unfortunately, many products used in healthcare facilities can be full of chemicals that may be effective but that introduce toxins or disrupt the newborn skin’s protective pH level, and could lower the skin’s defenses.

But you can counteract that by bringing your own hospital-approved skincare products with you in when you arrive for your baby’s birth or visit the NICU.

Even before that, as you go through your prenatal appointments and tour your hospital, you can mention to your care providers and hospital staff that your preference is to use only organic, natural products on your baby.

To prevent exposure to chemicals in a hospital’s commercial products, you could also just pack your own. Here are some of the items your baby might need: body wash, moisturizing oils for scalp and skin (especially for touch therapy), zinc diaper balm and lotion.

Sometimes parents of preemies and newborns are told not to use products on their baby’s still-growing skin. That advice makes sense if the skincare products are full of chemicals, fragrances, dyes, etc. But products made of organic, healthy ingredients can actually feed your baby’s skin and body as they are absorbed. 

Common Baby Skin Issues

Even though newborns and preemies come from a water environment, their skin is dryer at birth than it will be after a bit of growth and development. Creams that moisturize with pure food-grade oils and naturally derived ingredients help your baby’s skin adapt to the air environment, while imbuing your little one with gentle, uplifting aromas to soothe.

All newborns get some kind of rash in the first couple of months as they adjust to their new world, and 30% of them break out in baby acne. Premature babies are even more susceptible to the baby acne that can lead to infection, irritation, and inflammation. A healing gel helps reduce or eliminate the symptoms that make your little one miserable and could cause skin scarring.

Soothing but protective balms strengthen the skin’s defensive ability—especially in the diaper area. When inflammation, redness, and pain make your baby miserable and expose her to risk of infection, natural balms made with organic ingredients help reduce inflammation and soothe irritation, all the while helping to strengthen her innate defenses.

Protect your baby by choosing truly natural products that soothe and heal.

Our BEB Organic ingredients support instead of assault his brand new immune system that’s still low on defenses and vulnerable to everything. When your newborn or preemie’s skin is upset, that’s when it needs the most restorative care from naturally-sourced products, not chemically-laden ones that can irritate further, clog pores, upset internal systems, and challenge his defenses. This is especially important for preemies and newborns.

Choosing the purest skincare products you can find is protective parenting. 

Your baby can still smell sweet while her skin and hair are strengthened by hydrating and cleansing products chock full of ingredients to help her grow well.


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