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BEB Organic Skincare for Moms

This article may be a little unexpected but read on...
Makeup adds a new dimension to the way we think about skincare; it is a magnificent gift in our lives. With a quick dash of this and a sparkly dab of that, we can magically transform our appearance and more importantly, transform how we feel in that moment.
When days are tough and there’s not much you can do about making them easier, a little makeup can go a long way to make you feel stronger and more confident.

Great skincare and great makeup go hand-in-hand. Skincare has the ability to provide a healthy, glowing base to take feel-good beauty to the highest level – with or without makeup.
Importantly, the right skincare can even help restore and repair skin fatigue.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my dear friends and their little newborn angel. We’ll call them DD and LL for privacy. This particular friend is the most devoted beauty lover I’ve ever met, and incredibly knowledgeable about skincare and makeup. Of course, I brought along the full collection of BEB Organic—the We’ve Got this Set—as a gift for her family.

As I imagined she might, DD dove in immediately with curiosity and enthusiasm. She wanted to know everything about what was in the products and how to use them on herself too. She also – very satisfyingly for me – gave the BEB Organic packaging a solid dose of attention, admiring its joyously sparkly details along with the delicious smells and textures of the products inside.

As a wise, protective and loving mother, DD always uses new products on herself before trying them on LL.
Because BEB Organic is made entirely of the most luxurious facial quality ingredients, a lot of people ask us how to use them as part of their own daily facial care routines.
This article, dedicated to the lovely DD, is for moms who want to understand how to use BEB Organic to achieve dramatic improvements in the look and feel of their own sensitive skin too. (And BTW, everyone’s skin is sensitive to one degree or another.)
BEB Organic skincare products – Luxury, health-filled skincare for preemies – premature baby - BEB Organic Bubbly Wash - BEB Organic Silky Cream - BEB Organic Healing Gel - BEB Organic Nourishing Oil - BEB Organic Diaper Balm – Kim Walls, Preemie Skincare Expert
Keep in mind:

While you can use many of the same products on baby and adult skin, that’s not true for all products.
As a rule of thumb, baby products can always be used on adult skin, but it doesn’t go the other way around. Adult products often have harsh chemical fragrances and aggressive additives to support their anti-aging claims. And baby products are often so goopy and low quality, most women wouldn’t dream of using them on their face anyway.

So, here’s what you need to know: even when the same skincare formulas are ideal for both baby and mom, like with BEB Organic, the way you use them is different.

Let me explain:

Certain skincare routines can enhance the look of makeup, and other skincare can totally get in the way – causing the makeup to run, smudge or lose its luster. The interaction between the bases of the different products, plus the condition of your skin on any given day, are the main factors that influence which skincare to use, how much of it to use and when to use it.

When it comes to skincare, I’m a big believer in creating systems that layer with each other to provide flexibility to meet different lifestyle, environmental and physical demands as they change.
That’s what BEB Organic products do. They layer and build upon each other providing different levels of moisture, healing, barrier protection depending on the order in which you use them and how much of each you use.

That fundamental layering philosophy works for both babies and moms, but moms have more complexity because they are usually exposed to more stuff – more blue light, more changes in the environment, more differences in food and water (and wine) consumption, and… drum roll... makeup! Even the wind or a nearby wildfire can change the needs and condition of our skin on a daily basis.

I’ll start with a short ‘How To’ grid, then explain in detail below:

AM/PM Routine
Remove water-resistant makeup while treating the eye and lip area with a nutrient-rich powerhouse
Nurturing Oil
If oils cause your makeup to run, only do this step at night. Otherwise, use am/pm,  daily.
Cleanse away remaining makeup, purify and prepare the skin for upcoming treatments and moisture
Bubbly Wash
Always cleanse am/pm, daily.
Balance to treat pH, restore probiotics, calm, treat and prevent irritation or inflammation
Soothing Serum 
Creates invisible, weightless shield over skin, which can interfere with some makeup. Test and see. You might only want to use at night. Otherwise, use am/pm, daily.
Moisturize to replenish lost hydration, vitamins, minerals and micro/macronutrients
Silky Cream
Essential. Perfect base for makeup. Always moisturize am/pm, daily.
Lock in Moisture for long-lasting protection and resilience with phytochemical defenders
Nurturing Oil
If oils cause your makeup to run, do this step at night only. Otherwise, use am/pm,  daily.
Protect | Enhance
SPF | Makeup
As desired/needed. For rash on any part of the body, use the BEB Organic Diaper Balm.

* Any of the steps above can be replaced with different products if you want to mix-and-match. You can also expand the routine above by adding in steps like exfoliation after cleanse, masks, additional treatments like eye cream or heavy-doses of vitamins (like C) that would be too strong to include in baby products.

The How-To Guide for Grownups’ Skincare with BEB Organic, in Detail:



  1. Makeup Removal - BEB Organic Nurturing Oil
If you’re wearing makeup, gently distribute a drop of BEB Organic Nurturing Oil over your eye area to release the mascara and any other water-resistant makeup. Do this by pumping a drop onto your fingers then gently massaging over lashes and skin around the eyes and/or lips. Go slowly and give the oils 10 - 30 seconds to work their magic – simultaneously releasing your makeup and infusing your lashes and skin with our luxuriously healthy Phytocura complex.

Gently wipe away makeup with a soft cotton pad or soft tissue. Repeat as many times as needed. I strongly prefer Nurturing Oil to a typical makeup remover because a) it works better, b) I know it won’t sting my eyes and, c) I know it is actively healthy for my skin and I love giving my eyes a brightening, nourishing boost. 
  1. Cleanse - BEB Organic Bubbly Wash
Proper facial cleansing is so important. Totally essential and vital for healthy skin. I’m super grateful to my own mother for making sure a proper cleanse –morning and evening was always part of our wake-up and bedtime rituals.

Cleanse with BEB Organic Bubbly Wash. It is fresh, healing and loaded with actively healthy ingredients for skin. I prefer using my bare hands to a cloth because touch is so good for the skin. This also gives me the opportunity to feel any bumps, wayward hairs or anything else that may be going on with my skin.

Start with damp hands and face. Add a small pump of cleanser to the tips of your fingers, then rub fingers together using both hands to create a light, foamy lather. Gently cleanse your face, neck and décolleté using small circular motions, always gently pushing the skin up a bit as you go, vs pulling to down. Gravity doesn’t need any help.

Spend 20 - 30 seconds cleansing your skin, more if you’re enjoying the little massage you're giving yourself. Be mindful and thankful to your body as you go. Rinse thoroughly. You’ll notice the product leaves your face feeling moisturized and not tacky to the touch. So lovely.
  1. Balance - BEB Organic Soothing Serum (formerly named Healing Gel)
If you are worried about inflammation, which I think everyone should be, then you’ll definitely want to use Soothing Serum, which is decadently rich in Phytocura. I think of Soothing Serum as a miracle serum taking on the daily assailants that my skin fends off – from air pollution to chlorinated water and blue light from the endless hours I spend on my computer.

Pump the product onto your fingertips, rub them together and gently brush Soothing Serum all over your face, even including over the eyelids. Give it a few seconds to seal invisibly over your skin. Or, if you want the product to dry down faster, you can fan it for a few seconds with your hands or use a little skin fan.

I use Soothing Serum at step 3, but I also use it all day long. Anytime my skin feels a little temperamental or dry, I quickly brush it over my entire face using my fingertips, especially under the eyes to help with puffiness. My skin is very dry and reactive, so I use the BEB Organic Soothing Serum constantly and love it dearly. I also tend to offer a pump to anyone who comes to my house, kind of like one might offer water or wine. Obsessed much? (Also, my husband informed me that he’s over-the-moon for Soothing Serum as an aftershave.)

All that love aside, depending on your makeup, you may want to save Soothing Serum for evenings or anytime you aren’t wearing makeup. OR try using it on top of your makeup as a finishing step for daytime. The product forms an invisible, weightless shield over your skin, so depending on what’s in the base of your makeup, Soothing Serum and foundation or concealer may not play well together. No one wants to see their makeup shift or smudge!


  1. Moisturize - BEB Organic Silky Cream
In the morning and evening, apply Silky Cream to your fresh, clean face. It creates a fantastic base for nearly any makeup and helps smooth skin texture to ensure a perfect makeup finish and prevent caking. Silky Cream delivers strong antioxidant protection for essential daily care plus ample levels of vitamins, minerals and micro and macronutrients like essential fatty acids and phytochemicals.

Because my skin is different every day, I use different amounts of Silky Cream every time I use it. Sometimes I apply a single layer, and sometimes up to 5 layers. My skin leads the way by continuing to drink up the lightweight silky moisture until it feels just exactly right. I apply one layer then wait for a beat and see how it feels, then more layers until my skin is delightfully sated. This is like a little experiment for me every day, and I take great pleasure in the ritual of it all. It’s the little things, right?

  1. Lock in Moisture - BEB Organic Nurturing Oil
Next up is Nurturing Oil. If you used it earlier as an eye treatment that removes excess makeup, then this might be the second time you use Nurturing Oil in the same routine. Pump a few drops onto your fingertips, rub your fingers together with both hands, then gently tap the product over your entire face and blend it in with gentle upward strokes.

The tap-tap-tapping followed by upward strokes also serves as a stellar de-puffing treatment because it stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood-flow, bringing extra nutrients to your facial skin. Nurturing Oil is teaming with Phytocura nutrients so you love up your skin both from the inside out and the outside in.

Now, depending on your makeup, you may want to skip this oil treatment step because it could make your makeup shift or smudge. The best path forward is always to test and see what works best for you.

  1. Protect | Enhance
Sometimes I stop at step 5, like most evenings. In the morning, I often finish up with a tinted SPF enhanced moisturizer, then sometimes more makeup. If you have any rashes on your body, use a thick coat of BEB Organic Diaper Cream for rapid repair. It is thick and white, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding when and where to use it.

So there you have it. That’s how you too can enjoy the luxuriously sophisticated, yet exceedingly simple and gentle benefits of BEB Organic for grown-ups.
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