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Cranberry -- Our Immune Booster For Your Baby

Cranberry—that dark red, tart berry so common in northeastern US—is a powerhouse of goodness[1]. At BEB Organics, we love its nutrition-packed seeds as an immune booster for babies of all ages, but especially to help your preemie’s growth and health.

When the NICU nurses say your preemie is ready for smoothing on health-filled oils, BEB Organic skincare is just waiting to give your baby the many benefits cranberry seed oil offers.

The skin is our largest organ and our first defense—for maintaining our body temperature and to fend off toxins and bacteria. 

Most of us don’t appreciate what a miracle of renewal our skin is—about every 27 days, it makes completely new skin cells.

But preemies struggle a lot with their skin. For extremely preterm babies, their skin is so thin at birth it cannot be touched without tearing. They will spend a long time in the NICU before they are ready for even the healthiest of skincare.

Even for little preemies who are developed enough to be touched, their skin may still need to grow thicker, into the mighty protective organ Mother Nature intends it to be. But preemie skin  is dry—it needs moisturizing to be healthy and strong. 

That’s why we use the highest-quality cranberry seed oil in our BEB Organic Nourishing Oil.

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Cranberries are famous as a health-packed food—a super food, in fact.

Most people think of cranberries for urinary tract infections. But the oil from its seeds contains resveratrol, which helps your preemie fight off infection and inflammation[2] (so important for delicate preemies!) and to protect your little one’s still-developing heart and brain.

Cranberry seed oil helps maintain the all-important gut health that science now tells us is critical to the health of our entire body, including our brains[3]

Our BEB Organic goal is always to provide skin hydration and increase total body health through nutrition-packed skincare products. We know that what you put on your baby’s skin is absorbed into their little body—products free of chemicals and full of nutrition support stronger health and growth.

But common skincare products with fragrances, preservatives, and other toxic chemicals can hurt your baby’s progress and development.

That’s why we use only carefully grown and hand-harvested cranberry seed oil. Every time you lovingly smooth on Nourishing Oil, you’re giving your little one extra nutrients for better growth.


But that’s not only reason we love cranberry seed oil’s healing ability.

Here’s another one: It’s the only fruit oil with balanced amounts of important omegas 3, 6, and 9[4].

These are extremely important for little preemies who are still growing all their body systems. 

Omega-3 creates strong hearts. Omega-6 helps builds healthy brains, skin, and bones as it helps regulate both your baby’s metabolism and reproductive system. Omega-9 helps your baby’s body fight inflammation and respond to insulin, protecting against the development of diabetes.


Vitamins help build and heal your baby’s skin, and so much more.

BEB Organic’s mission is healthy bodies through healthy skin, and that’s why we love the vitamins in cranberry seed oil.

Cranberry seed oil contains vitamin A, a key builder of the skin your baby lives in. And vitamin A is important for their eyesight, immune system function, cell division, and growth in general[5].

What preemie doesn’t need vitamin A’s help?

Vitamin E[6] helps create and maintain your preemie’s healthy nervous system (including the brain), blood, and skin[7]. Its antioxidant benefits protect every one of those millions of cells your baby is making every day.

While your baby is working hard to grow big enough to come home, the anti-oxidation[8] effect of cranberry seed oil helps prevent wear and tear on every one of those brand-new cells.

And let’s not forget vitamin C—another important component of cranberry seed oil.

Who doesn’t know about vitamin C’s protection against colds? Along with helping us fight off viruses, it also promotes skin and joint health as it supports overall healing.


Healing and building are your preemie’s job right now—and ours.

Cell health, gut health, joint health, brain health, immune health, heart health, bone health, skin health.

These are why we included cranberry seed oil in our Nourishing Oil

When the nurses say you can bring in skincare for your baby, our toxin-free, nutrition-packed We’ve Got This Set contains Nourishing Oil, and so much more that’s perfect for the NICU.

BEB Organic wants every preemie to not just grow but thrive. That’s why our products brim with nourishment that feeds your baby, from the skin in.












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