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Why Babies and Pregnant Women Need High Performance Skincare

Let’s start with the fact that our skin first began to take shape about 6 million years ago. The environment our skin is designed to thrive in is not the environment we live in today. 

As parents and caregivers, we have a desire to avoid harsh and harmful chemicals, but we don't want to sacrifice performance. And... we don't have to.

During pregnancy and as baby skin develops from thriving in an amniotic fluid filled womb to thriving in air, it faces many challenges. Over 80% of unscheduled pediatric visits are due to a scary skin problem. Over 30% of babies develop acne in the first months of life. Nearly all parents deal with diaper dermatitis at one time or another.

Skin problems are getting worse as our climate changes and our exposure to environmental pollutants increases. From microplastics in the air to particulates from wild fires, skin is facing a new era... and it isn't equipped to do the job without outside support. That's where BEB Organic comes in with clinically proven, award winning products.



Today we have indoor and outdoor air pollution, contact with toxins absorbed from anything from cleaning supplies in a restaurant to the seats in our cars, nutrient deficiencies, and chlorinated drinking and bathing water... to name a few. We can minimize our exposure, but we can’t avoid it entirely. 



Babies are even more vulnerable than adults because the surface area of their skin is so large compared to their overall size. Our bodies carry a shockingly high toxic load, even when we’re leading an organic lifestyle. Perhaps surprisingly, more toxins from air pollutants are absorbed into our body through the skin than are absorbed through breathing the air. Skin is our first line of defense against unavoidable assailants in the air, and it needs our help. 

By boosting the skin with extra antioxidants from Phytocura, hydration from skin conditioners like hyaluronic acid, microflora from probiotics, and added barrier support from minerals and superfood organic oils, BEB Organic is improving our overall health now while also protecting our future.

If you haven't already, try the complete assortment of BEB Organic products today in our Vital Touch Sample Set.

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