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Cucumber — Refreshingly Powerful For Tender Preemie Skin

You know how refreshing a cold cucumber salad is on a hot day? That refreshment comes partly from cucumber’s high water content, and is one of the reasons we love it in our Silky Cream. But the cucumber we all know and love to crunch is full of so much more than water—in fact, it has 73 different compounds that give us antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits[1]

Just look at all the reasons we love cucumber’s healing powers in our BEB Organic skincare:


Antidiabetic[2] Research shows that cucumber helped prevent the toxin buildup in cells that leads to diabetes. And it can help reduce blood sugar levels, preventing some complications of diabetes[3]. This is all promising news for preemies. While your baby is growing millions of cells at rocket speed, everything—including skincare—that promotes healthy growth helps your little one grow better, faster, and stronger.

Antioxidant[4]  Cucumbers contain flavonoids and tannins that protect our cells by preventing oxidation which destroys or distorts our cells, making them unable to do their jobs. When enough cells are damaged, we have disease—like cancer, immune disease, or heart and lung disease. Cucumber also prevented distortion of a protein in liver cells. Is it any wonder we include cucumber’s cell-loving protection[5] in our BEB Organic skincare products to help your baby grow healthier skin and cells?

Hydration[6]  Anyone who’s ever eaten a cucumber knows that after you crunch through the outer skin, you get a dose of cucumber water. In fact, cucumbers are 96% water. Dry preemie skin needs hydration more than the rest of us, and we love that the cucumber in our Silky Cream is doing its best to help your preemie’s skin stay moist, grow strong, and become protective.

Inflammation and Pain Relief[7] Whether the analgesic (pain-lowering) effects of cucumber fruit extract comes from its high-water content or its rich combination of vitamins and minerals, we treasure the soothing effect cucumber gives irritated or damaged skin. Diaper rash, baby acne, and a host of wounds from NICU treatments can all make your little preemie miserable, forcing your baby to use precious growing energy for dealing with the stress of skin conditions instead. Cucumber fruit extract helps reduce inflammation, soothe irritation, and feed the skin what it needs to heal well so your baby feels good.

 child holding cucumber in front of their face – BEB Organic skincare products – Luxury, health-filled skincare for preemies – premature baby - BEB Organic Bubbly Wash - BEB Organic Silky Cream - BEB Organic Healing Gel - BEB Organic Nourishing Oil - BEB Organic Diaper Balm – Kim Walls, Preemie Skincare Expert

Vitamins and other good stuff[8] Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K, which helps build strong bones. Along with that important ingredient are cucumber's protein, vitamin C, vitamin B1, and biotin plus minerals copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. And cucumber contains lignans, which help fight cardiovascular issues[9]. Add to those benefits the anti-cancer function of cucumber’s cucurbitacins A, B, C, D, and E, and we’re doing a happy dance about these many reasons to include such an amazing vegetable in our skincare.

We love our organic cucumber fruit extract from North Carolina — so free of toxins or chemical fertilizers, it brings only natural goodness to help hydrate, build, and strengthen your baby’s skin.











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