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How Phytocura Activates Our Body's Own Cellular Wisdom

Skin is a soft tissue that makes up approximately 8-16% of our total body. It covers the whole surface area of the body and is a self-repairing, self-renewing organ that forms an important barrier separating the outer environment from our internal organs. The various parts of the skin (like the dermis, epidermis, proteins and fatty acids) form a well-organized and sophisticated environment in which different cell types interact with each other continuously to repair and regenerate the skin to create normal balance and recovery from skin injuries.

Many distinct populations of healing cells, which are created by our own bodies, are found within the skin. They make up a plentiful array of cell types that have the potential to strengthen the skin's developmental process. Phytocura supports skin by enriching those cell populations and cultivating a microenvironment that facilitates the health of those cells.

Because the skin is continually regenerating approximately every 27 days, it is in a continuous state of renewal - constantly recovering from an often challenging environment due to pollutants in the air, UV and blue light exposure, adhesives from bandages and simple pricks from a splinter or needle. The skin is functionally in a constant state of "wound healing". The ultimate healing comes from within and is generated from our bodies' very own developmental cells.

Skin that is in a "wounded" state has a damaged barrier and immune function and alters how the body perceives pain, temperature, and touch. The nervous system, which is the part of our cellular system that's responsible for our sense of touch, plays an important role in keeping the skin in balance (called "homeostasis") and in maintaining the skin's ability to consistently regenerate (called "wound healing"). Healthy sensory cells that can be appropriately responsive to touch are an important sign of healthy body development.

To protect and enhance our own healing cell creation in the body is part-and-parcel of supporting touch and immunity. That's what Phytocura does. Phytocura propels the healthy development of skin by providing the carefully sourced and exact right combination of micro and macronutrients in skin-loving formulas to support the creation and strength of our own healing cells from within the skin.




We've curated and selected certain building blocks of healthy skin cells - like specific proteins, vitamins, and micronutrients - from biologically available organic plant sources to support the successful propagation and proliferation of our body's own developmental cells.

We source the ideal plants to provide micro and macronutrients that form the building blocks for our bodies to make their own developmental cells. Where and how any plant is harvested makes a big difference as to how much nutritional value it can provide in a skincare formula. Wild harvested plants from certain farms have far more nutrient value than others. Further, how we process those raw plant materials and test them to validate their value is an important part of our process.


Our targeted nutrient building blocks are combined in a proprietary formula with the exact right balance to cultivate a microenvironment on the skin surface that facilitates the survival and longevity of our body's own developmental cells by creating a well-nourished, well-hydrated, and balanced skin surface.

For optimal nutrient extraction and usability by the body, BEB Organic plant ingredients are cold processed and manufactured in small batches. Exacting scientific standards are applied to ensure that precisely the right amount of each micro and macronutrient is properly blended into the Phytocura Complex to achieve the ultimate supportive results at the cellular level. It is important that just the right amount of each ingredient (like rosehip and cranberry oils) is used to create the perfect balance. Think of it like a gourmet meal where too much of this-or-that can completely ruin the experience.


Our phytochemical broth is then meticulously mixed into customized skincare bases that uniquely allow the skin cells to harness, utilize and maximize the targeted nutrients that have been provided to activate the innate and adaptive immunity that is part of the body's own cellular wisdom.


With a clinical focus on cutaneous immunity in the ever-growing field of stem cell research, we've developed Phytocura Complex to target, protect and activate the ancient healing wisdom of our own bodies, by leveraging the strength from within.

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