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Oh, Coconut – We Can't Say Enough Good Stuff About You

Cuckoo for coconut—that’s us!

Honestly, coconut is such a health-promoting natural ingredient, we wish we could use it in everything. That’s why we love the deep soothing and growth support it gives your baby with our BEB Organic Bubbly Wash, Silky Cream, Healing Gel, and Nourishing Oil.  


The virgin coconut oil in our skincare products is extracted from fresh, mature coconuts through a process that doesn’t use high temperature or chemicals[1], leaving intact all coconut's best healing and health-promoting properties – like vitamin E and essential aminos.

Vitamin E is like the Queen Bee of skin health[2]. It can help against UV damage from the sun. It helps heal dermatitis. It reduces the symptoms of fatty liver disease. It widens the blood vessels and helps prevent blood clots.

Let’s not forget to cheer for aminos. Coconut oil’s essential aminos promote the development of healthy probiotic skin flora that help your baby’s skin repair and heal better, faster. These aminos help skin stay hydrated by drawing moisture from the air, which makes skin stronger, healthier, and more protective.

It’s coconut derivatives (glyceryl caprylate, stearyl alcohol, isopropyl palmitate, ethylhexylglycerin—yikes, say that five times fast!) from Indonesian non-GMO coconuts that give our products their smooth, silky feel and help your baby’s skin (or yours) absorb them easily.

That is beautiful—fast, easy absorption is important.

Do we need another reason to love coconut oil? Here it is—coconut oil is good for us because its polyphenols and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) promote higher metabolism[3]. For adults, the benefit is clear—higher metabolism helps weight control. But why do we care about higher metabolism for our babies? Some of the diseases of childhood and adulthood are set up by the function of our bodies as babies—obese babies can turn into obese adults, for instance. Maybe the MCTs so early in your baby’s growth will contribute to them developing a naturally higher metabolism that serves them throughout their life.


 Bubbly Wash bottle in a coconut half – BEB Organic skincare products – Luxury, health-filled skincare for preemies – premature baby - BEB Organic Bubbly Wash - BEB Organic Silky Cream - BEB Organic Healing Gel - BEB Organic Nourishing Oil - BEB Organic Diaper Balm – Kim Walls, Preemie Skincare Expert

Coconut Oil Protection

Because of its medium-chain fatty acids, coconut oil helps protect against harmful microorganisms[4]. It helps kill bacteria and inhibits the growth of fungus.

For your little preemie’s growth, these are huge benefits. Every drop of energy your baby spends growing instead of fighting bacteria is another moment closer to leaving the NICU and coming home with you. 

Coconut oil is an antioxidant that protects cells against oxidative stress[5]—a destructive effect on your baby’s cells that call cause inflammation. Your preemie is making millions of cells every day, and antioxidant protection supports every one of them so they function well.

And coconut oil helps fight inflammation, another source of stress for your growing baby. Inflammation[6], especially for preemies, affects brain development that can also affect their immune system and nervous system.

Where there’s inflammation, there’s usually pain. Reducing pain and encouraging growth is everyone’s goal for your preemie, and the coconut oil in our skincare products can help.

When pores are clogged and bacteria builds up, acne is one of the most common results. The coconut oil in our Bubbly Wash, Silky Cream, Healing Gel, and Nourishing Oil helps not only reduce the swelling that often accompanies acne, the oil’s antibacterial properties fight acne-causing bacteria[7] so it can’t grow into a painful acne attack.

We’re not crazy for loving the many ways coconut oil supports your preemie’s delicate skin and growing body. We just wish every baby in the whole world benefitted from it.

That’s the beauty of our BEB Organic skincare products—all they give is goodness while you supply the love.










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