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Fragrance and Your Preemie

Protecting your baby begins with what you put on his skin, but just because a product’s label says “for babies,” that doesn’t mean it’s safe for your tender little one. Know the ins and outs of fragrance and your baby to keep her strong and safe. 

 Many ingredients used in personal care products for children (and adults!) are not regulated.

Only products that make a medical claim—such as over-the-counter medication—are more strictly regulated. Although cleansers, lotions, and other topical grooming products fall under FDA watch, there are no specific rules for baby products vs. those for adults.

 Major manufacturers still use chemicals like fragrance and quaternium 14 in products labeled for babies. As well, nany “unscented” products often contain a masking fragrance so they appear to be free of scent. And, unfortunately, “fragrance-free” does not mean “free of fragrance allergens.”

Some ingredients in fragrances contain allergens that may not easily be recognized

Common ingredients like benzaldehyde and benzyl alcohol are two that are found in oh-so-many products. Some popular baby shampoos by well-known manufacturers contain common suspected allergens like fragrance, quaternium-15 (a preservative with the potential to release formaldehyde), and cocamidopropyl betaine (a surfactant).

The issue with fragrance in personal care products isn’t whether or not they contain any allergens. The main issue is that many scents in shampoos, soaps, and lotions are manufactured using chemicals that are potential hormone and endocrine system disruptors.

 This means they could confuse your baby’s protective systems, or even change the way they work.

But your delicate preemie has more porous skin than a new full-term newborn, which means chemicals from many commercial baby skincare products could enter more easily through his skin and can affect your preemie’s still-developing biology.

There are better solutions, especially for vulnerable little ones like preemies.

To avoid potential allergens, choose either plant-derived smells—like the mandarin orange in BEB Organic Bubbly Washor come from the natural combinations of core ingredients like that of rose petals and marigold in our Silky Cream.

 The bottom line:

Make sure you know what the label on your baby’s skincare product is really telling you, and use safe products from a company you trust. Trusting your brand and the people behind it is more important then trusting a label that says “For Babies.”

BEB Organic skincare products give you the choice for effective products that help avoid upsetting your full-term baby’s tender biology, and the even more vulnerable biology of your preemie.

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