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Our Founder

Kim Walls

Kim Walls is a clean beauty pioneer, award-winning natural products innovator, and the creator of several cause-driven skincare brands, including BEB Organic, Furtuna Skin, Bambini Furtuna, and Kelsen Products. She's a 2nd generation skincare expert (her father founded Epicuren Discovery) and a 4th generation entrepreneur.

Kim cares deeply about social change and advocates for safe beauty, family health, and human rights. She has served on nonprofit boards, founded an NGO, and was named a “Wonder Woman of the Natural Products Industry” by New Hope Media. Kim and her work have been featured by Goop, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Into the Gloss, Well + Good, USA Today, and more. With more than 25 years of experience building brands for social good, Kim has a track record of bringing unprecedented advances to the world of wellness.

Kim created BEB Organic, skincare with a vital touch, to help parents and their little ones get better sleep, form deeper connections, and build stronger bodies through the science of touch. Two percent of all proceeds are donated to charities that support mental health including rePurpose Global, Hand to Hold, and 2020 Mom.