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The Scoop About Baby Skin

Baby skin is perfect—that’s what we like to believe when we look at our little one sleeping, playing, and growing. The scoop about baby skin is that it still needs time.

Though it’s the perfect fit for him, your baby’s skin is not fully mature at birth, especially if he’s a preemie. 

Baby skin can be so permeable that it is easily dehydrated and infected.

Multiply that by ten when your baby is a preemie whose thin skin needs extra time to grow and thicken in order to become his first line of defense. 

Baby skin is particularly susceptible to all kinds of environmental pollutants, so we need to be especially careful not to apply toiletry products containing toxins. These toxins can hurt rather than help a preemie’s—or any baby’s—vital growth and development.

Many lotions, sunscreens and balms are absorbed into the skin.

Most topical personal care products on the market are designed to penetrate the skin in some way.

But harsh chemical ingredients that help the product absorb more quickly, last longer on store shelves, or maintain shape and texture can be highly toxic to your baby’s still-developing and vulnerable body. 

As an example, sunscreens that use a chemical blocker also include penetrating ingredients to help them sink in faster.

And most of these sunscreens include potentially hormone-mimicking chemicals like oxybenzone (associated with allergic reactions[1]) and chemicals with questionable health effects in the sun, like retinyl palmitate (associated with skin tumors and lesions[2]). 

Any number of natural catalysts—allergies, hormones, genetics, bodily fluids or the weather—can cause problems for young skin.

A variety of minor skin conditions including pimples, rashes, scales, and bumps are well within the range of normal. These blemishes will usually go away quickly with a simple, natural baby skin care treatment, like BEB Organic Healing Gel.  

Instead of using products that put harsh chemicals and toxins into your baby’s skin and bloodstream, choose effective, safe, and natural skincare.

BEB Organic skincare is made from primarily plant-based ingredients that not only soothe and heal, they add nutrients to your baby’s still-developing skin, helping it be its healthiest. 

All BEB Organic products keep your baby safe while helping him grow strong.




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